Intimate Cleanser

The Intimate Cleanser of Oriri made of Thermal Water is extremely delicate and compatible to the natural skin defenses, thus performing an efficient anti-bacterial and anti-odor action. Cleans delicately donating a pleasant sensation of freshness and wellness, guaranteeing a protection to intimate parts. Very rich with Thermal Water, restores all the lenitive properties and sensitiveness to the area of interest. Intimate gesture to harmonize the person: a ritual evocation with respect to one’s internal beauty.

Principles Activities:

in the past, the word “Hygiene” was synonymous to “Cleanliness”. Today, with the scientific knowledge acquired, the term “Hygiene” has a wider significance which combines all that is necessary with regards to prevention. In fact, when we discuss hygiene, we refer to all those practices useful to maintain an excellent state in the intimate organs and efficiency of their use. It is important to maintain a stable and natural mechanism, caring for hygienic normative.

The correct choice for intimate detergent is extremely important to obtain a correct hygiene and health on the intimate parts.

Calendula Chamomile, Malva Roses and Lime.

The tensioactive delicate and low concentrations, together with the wellness properties of the thermal waters, complete the product.

How to use:

mix the product with water, clean and rinse. Use the detergent regularly morning and night.

For all skin types. Normal and sensitive.

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Nickel free


acid reaction with 5 PH, to respect the natural vaginal acidity levels. Lenitive reaction anti- septic, useful in case of burning sensation and frequent irritation. A deodorizing action and significates freshness, for the woman wellness.

Packing: 250 ml e


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