Nutrient Face Cream – Night

When the body is relaxing throughout the night, it may seem to reduce its functions, but it is actually working on repairing damage received from the environment caused through the day, substituting dead cells. The treatment with Oriri Nutrient Face CreamNight, rich with thermal water is formulated specifically to improve the facial aspect and to contrasts the effects of hydrationloss, degeneration of collagen as well as free radical damage. It has been strengthened especially for night purposes by integrating Kombucka (fungi for longevity) for a highly nutrient action and achieve elasticity: This night cream will rejuvenate, hydrate and contrast any signs of time. This innovative cream, works in synergy with the skin compounds, providing substances which help the biological repairing process of the night (Chronodyn). Thanks to the combination of its actives principles, it energizes the skin and essentially favors the correct vitality of the cells.

Night after night, combats signs of aging and restores tone, luminosity and compactness of the face. When the morning comes, the skin will be more relaxed, toned and smooth.

How to use:

apply at the night before to bed time, throughout the face, neck, décolleté, following a throughout cleaning of the face. To allow the product to react accordingly, utilize Milk Detergent Oriri. May be utilized as a base with make-up. It is not greasy.

For all skin types. Normal and sensitive.

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Nickel free

  • No fat accumulation


hydrates with effect, anti- oxidation – anti age. Diminishes and repairs the damage caused by UV rays with the presence of vitamin E (18%).  

Area of application:

face, neck, décolleté.


Reduces signs of aging, revitalizing and energizing

Packing: 50 ml e



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