Face Cream Anti – Age Lifting

The process of the forming of wrinkles begins when small wrinkle bending forms of expression, in particular areas of the face for example, around the eyes, forehead, around the mouth.

Such micro wrinkles are caused by the continuous contractions of the muscles on the face which expand and contrast the skin thousands of times throughout the day.

These tensions are recuperated immediately when the skin is young and elastic tends with time to become permanent and more visible.

The Oriri Face Cream Anti – Age Lifting rich in Thermal Water, is a formula ideal for the day, nut rates and protects and thanks to Trylagen (dosed with 5%) an ingredient tri- functional for the integral treatment of collagen.

  1. Stimulates the synthesis
  2. Uniforms the diameter
  3. Does not allow the destruction of collagen

How to use:

apply daily on a clean face, massaged until the product is absorbed. Slows the process of wrinkles forming and combats the relaxation of the skin. In order to increase its function, it is preferable to apply after utilizing Milk detergent Oriri. Not greasy.

For all skin types. Normal and sensitive.

  • Dermatologically tested

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Nickel free

  • UV filter 15

  • No fat accumulation


anti age, restructuring, hydrating with protective elements, energizing, and anti radical, anti- per oxidation. Diminishes and repairs the damage caused by UV rays with the presence of Vitamin E (18%). 

Area of Application:

face, neck, décolleté.


it is a formula ideal for the day which not only does it nut rate and protect, but also performs a string

anti – age contributing to maintain the activity of the skin at great levels.

Packing: 50 ml e

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