Athlete's Foot (Oriri Foot Cream)

Athlete's Foot is a mycosis cause by fungi.

This is a common mycosis denomination, taking its name from Tinea Pedis, reproducing faster in warm and moist environments, thus causing the infection.
It's common among adults and children involved in sports activities where feet are excessively sweating due to lack of aeration from socks and / or footwear. It normally affects only foot skin.


  • Interdigital: Is the most common form, in which lesions are occuring among toes, since in that area 98% of moisture tends to accumulate.
  • Mocassin: this for can affect only one or both feet and can stretch from heels to the base of foot and outer foot sides. 


  • Redness in affected areas with possible Erythema
  • Itching
  • Bad odour
  • Skin thickening with potential exfoliation
  • Visible vescicles 
  • Skin cracks

Treatment with  Oriri foot cream with thermus thermophilus, prevents and cures athlete's foot, because of its anti fungi and anti bacterial action.    

Improves skin tone and elasticity and controls Keratinization

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